Commenting can be enabled or disabled on a global basis. When disabled, the comment form will not display in object view, and new comments will be rejected via the HTTP API. Existing comments will still be accessible via both the HTTP API and the object view comments section.


When comment moderation is enabled, new comments will be placed in a moderation queue before appearing in public. See the section called “Moderate” for more information about comment moderation.

If there are currently any comments in the moderation queue, and moderation is changed from enabled to disabled, all currently unmoderated comments will be automatically approved.

Email notification of new comments

If enabled, an email message will be sent to the email address set in the "email notification address" field below whenever a new comment is received.

Email notification address

The email address to which comment notification emails will be sent whenever a new comment is received, if "email notification of new comments" is enabled. If disabled, this has no effect.


Displays the list of comments in the moderation queue, from which they can be approved or rejected. Rejected comments get deleted. If comment moderation is disabled, this section will remain empty.


Enables editing and deleting of already approved comments.


Displays various statistics concerning comments. Only approved comments are included in the statistics.