Chapter 25. HTTP API

The dmBridge HTTP API is a multi-format (XML/JSON), versioned API that respects REST principles. The URI space is based on a general digital collections domain model. It is mostly read-only, except for social data. The HTTP API is available at the following URI:


The XML and JSON APIs return the same data, respond to the same request URIs, and send the same HTTP response codes. The only difference is the data format.

The HTTP API attempts to return a content representation based on the preference ("Q value") supplied by the client in the HTTP Accept header. A representation can be forced by appending the appropriate file extension to the URI (.xml, .json, or .jsonp). If no extension is supplied, the Accept header will be consulted, and in the absence of a successful content negotiation, the behavior is undefined. Therefore, clients should make sure to specify a representation preference somehow.

Full method-level HTTP API documentation is included with the dmBridge software and is accessible via web browser at http://my_cdm_server/dm/api/1.

Present in the output of every HTTP API method is a copyright statement protecting the information being downloaded. This allows for widespread use of your content while asserting your legal rights. The copyright statement can be changed in the Feeds section of the Control Panel.