Web templates

In versions 4 and 5, the web templates, typically located at http://my_cdm_server/cdm4/, were where all of CONTENTdm®'s public dynamic HTML resided. These were not really "templates," per se, but were instead crude amalgamations of PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. These templates handled all aspects of CONTENTdm®'s web display, and also processed input from URI query parameters for searching etc. The web templates relied on the CONTENTdm® PHP API.

CONTENTdm® 6 delivered a new web front-end. Rather than communicating with the CONTENTdm® server via the PHP API, it now communicates via HTTP. The CONTENTdm® 6 web front-end is built using the Zend Framework and addresses many of the complaints regarding the previous web templates.