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Encapsulates a "spatially enabled" point DMObject. To "spatialize" a given DMObject, call spatializeObject().

Note that this class neither extends nor composes DMObject. Instead, its methods will be "added" to those in the DMObject class when the addAssociatedModel() method is called on the DMObject instance, with an instance of this class supplied as a parameter. (See the user's manual for an explanation of how dmBridge module models work.)

Alex Dolski <>

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Member Function Documentation

static UNLVSpatialObjectFactory::spatializeObject ( DMObject obj) [static]

"Spatializes" the given object by associating a UNLVSpatialObject instance with it, backed by either the local data store or the given object's DCMI Point/Box data (which takes precedence).

If no data can be found, no UNLVSpatialObject will be associated with it.

floatlat_n North latitude, returned by reference
floatlat_s South latitude, returned by reference
floatlong_e East longitude, returned by reference
floatlong_w West longitude, returned by reference

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Referenced by UNLVSpatialTemplateHelper::getSpatialObject(), UNLVSpatialTemplateHelper::getSpatialObjects(), and UNLVSpatialIndexer::reindex().

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