Josephine Spinedi

 Showgirls in white bikinis with ruffled turquoise capes

The original design drawings here are the work of Josephine Spinedi. Educated at the Arts Educational School of London, where she trained in classical ballet with a minor in art, Josephine Spinedi began her professional dancing career at age 16 in Italy, where she also assisted some of Italy’s top costumers and fashion designers. When her dance troupe came to Las Vegas, Spinedi continued her career in design, doing the wardrobe for producer Matt Gregory’s scaled-down hip shows The Feminine Touch, Mad, Mod World, and Pony Express, as well as shows for Harold Minsky at the Dunes Hotel.

“I have a great interest in high fashion,” Spinedi said in an 1967 interview in Las Vegas Life Magazine, “as the gap grows less between it and costume design . . . as the scope of textiles grows, a person should be able to express some character with the aid of clothing, instead of forever conforming.”