Blaine Benedict

Blaine C. Benedict (b. 1948) spent his early years in Philadelphia until the family relocated to Las Vegas in the early 1950s. His parents, Alvin and Jayne Benedict, followed his paternal grandfather, Meyer (Mike) Benedict, who was involved in gambling and liquor businesses. Blaine attended Crestwood Elementary, had his religious education and bar mitzvah at Temple Beth Sholom, and graduated from Las Vegas High School. He attended Rutgers University [1966-1970] where he majored in agriculture, was in the US Army from 1970-1972, lived on a kibbutz in Israel from December 1973 to May 1974—all before returning to live in Las Vegas and work his way up in the gaming industry. 

Upon returning to Las Vegas his parents urged him to learn the “business”. Went to dealer’s school and worked his way up the management ladder to casino manager for Binion’s Horseshoe. 
Early experience working at the Garden Farm influenced his work ethic and even his major in college would become important in his future “second career” as the operations director of Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association. 
Benedict, Blaine. Interview, 2015 November 12. OH-02520. Transcript. Oral History Research Center. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Las Vegas Nevada. Las Vegas, Nevada.
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