Doug Unger

Portrait of Doug Unger, 2003
Portrait of Doug Unger, 2003
Photograph of Federation president Doug Unger and JFSA president Eli Schwartz at Real Estate Construction Division Event, 2007

Doug Unger is a businessman and community leader in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is chairperson of the Governor's Council on Holocaust Education and the Sperling Kronberg Mack Holocaust Resource Center. He is also a past president of the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas.

Unger was born in Cleveland, Ohio on June 15, 1950. His family was in the mattress business, and Unger later joined them, first working for Sealy in Puerto Rico, and then selling mattresses in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1976, he moved to Las Vegas where he bought Supreme Mattress and renamed it The New West Mattress Company. He found success selling to hotels and retail stores, including the Golden Nugget and Walker Furniture. From 1999 to 2001, Unger served as president of the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas. Unger eventually sold his mattress business and moved to Reno, Nevada in 2002, to pursue other ventures. He was active in both the Las Vegas and Reno Jewish communities, and returned to Las Vegas in 2007, after he became co-chair of the Governor's Advisory Council on Education Related to the Holocaust with Edythe Katz-Yarchever in 2004. As Katz-Yarchever later transitioned into the position of honorary chairperson, Unger became the sole chairperson of both the Governor's Advisory Council and the Sperling Kronberg Mack Holocaust Resource Center.


Unger, Doug. Interview, 2014 August 26. OH-02153. Transcript. Oral History Research Center, Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

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