Jean Weinberger

Jean and Billy Weinberger (center) at an Israel Bond dinner, circa 1975
Jean and Billy Weinberger (center) at an Israel Bond dinner, circa 1975
Jean Weinberger (right) with the Molaskys and Lovee Arum, 1969
Nate Adelson, Jean and Billy Weinberger, and Pearl Adelson, 1970s
Elaine Wynn, Susan Molasky, Steve Wynn, Irwin Molasky, and Jean and Billy Weinberger
Israel Bond Dinner, 1975

Jean Weinberger (née Zinner, 1916-1993) was an active member of the Las Vegas, Nevada Jewish community. She moved to Las Vegas in 1966 with her husband, casino executive Billy Weinberger. In 1977, while serving as campaign chair of the Combined Jewish Appeal, Jean Weinberger helped to found the Jewish Family Service Agency.

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