Lovee Arum

Bob and Lovee Arum with Susan and Irwin Molasky, 1980s
Bob and Lovee Arum with Susan and Irwin Molasky, 1980s
Irwin and Susan Molasky with Lovee and Bob Arum, 1980s
Marilyn Moran, Susan Molasky, Kitty Rodman, Shelley Berkley, Claudine Williams, Lovee Arum, and Myra Greenspun, 2003
Lovee Arum, unidentified, Susan Molasky, and Jean Weinberger, 1960s
Women at a Temple Beth Sholom Sisterhood event, 1960s

Lovee Arum is the Chief Financial Officer of the Morris A. Hazan Family Foundation and Director of Hospitality for her husband Bob Arum’s boxing promotion company Top Rank. She holds a Nevada Real Estate Broker Sales License and was a partner in Western Linen (a Las Vegas linen rental and laundry company) for many years. Arum is a volunteer and philanthropist in the Las Vegas, Nevada community and works with organizations such as Temple Beth Sholom and the Nathan Adelson Hospice.


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