Danny Greenspun

Daniel "Danny" A. Greenspun is the founder of Vegas.Com, a Las Vegas, Nevada tourism website. The son of Hank and Barbara Greenspun, Danny Greenspun was involved with the family's company, Greenspun Media Group (GMG), until 2014 when his brother Brian Greenspun took full ownership. Danny Greenspun previously served as chairman of GMG, vice chairman of the Greenspun Corporation, and vice president of the Las Vegas Sun, the newspaper established by his parents. With his wife, Robin Greenspun, he owns CineVegas Film Festival, which went on hiatus in 2010. The Greenspuns also owned Culture Dog Bookstore and Moira James Gallery in the late 1980s and were partners in Stone Village Pictures, a television and film production company. In 2001 Danny Greenspun was awarded the Governor's Award for Public Service in the Arts and Humanities and in 2013 Danny and Robin were inducted into the University of Nevada, Las Vegas College of Fine Arts Hall of Fame.


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