Dedee (DaVeen) Nave

Dedee Nave was born DaVeen Maurer in 1948 in Indianapolis, Indiana, to David and Virginia Maurer and has a sister, Marilyn Maurer MacCollum. Their mother was a convert to Judaism who instilled them with a solid Judeo-Christian foundation. When Dedee became the bride of a mixed marriage, she raised her daughter Alisa in the Jewish faith. 
Dedee transformed her educator training to community efforts outside the classroom when she took a position with the Camp Fire Girls. This was followed by invaluable participation in a long list of community projects where she has had impact on the vision, fundraising and implementation of programs for: the City of Las Vegas Arts Commission; two terms on the Nevada State Arts Council; a past president of the Junior League of Las Vegas; former chairperson of the Junior League’s Endowment Fund Trustees; Lied Discovery Children’s Museum opening; and chairperson of Morelli House Public Program and many other initiatives.
She is a graduate of Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, where she studied fine arts, and became a skilled organizer of people and projects. 
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